An international quarterly founded in 1965 featuring fiction, poetry, and memoir by some of the world's best writers along with fresh essays, columns and reviews on literature, art, and politics. 

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Submission Guidelines

Our reading period will begin on November 1, 2014 and end on December 1, 2014.

Note: We are no longer accepting hard copy submissions.

All submissions should be sent to


Salmagundi does not have specific guidelines regarding unsolicited submissions.  If we accept what you send us, we’ll be asking you for a disk and for information regarding what software, computer you use, etc.  Attachments that open in Microsoft word make our life easier, so we encourage you to format your work accordingly.

We do ask that you please read several issues of the magazine first, however, and that you only send us work which might conceivably belong in our pages. Highly specialized scholarly academic studies with many footnotes, for example, are not likely to find a home in SALMAGUNDI. Science fiction and potboiler fiction are similarly unlikely bets. Experimental work that employs conventions from such genres in formal ways might, on the other hand, be attractive to the editors.

You can send us fiction, personal essays, or cultural criticism of generally up to 12,000 words, and 5 or 6 poems at most, with no particular style preference. We do publish book reviews, but generally on commission.

We receive many more manuscripts than we can possibly respond to personally. The great majority of what is received, therefore, is rejected with a form letter. We regret this, but find there is no other solution. Because we receive so very many submissions and there are only two of us who read manuscripts at any given time, we are eternally behind in our work. We therefore beg your indulgence. It is often six months before manuscripts receive a response.

If and when you do send something, please send it as an attachment to this address ( during an open reading period (as indicated on the website).

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